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Upside Down Fool Tarot Card Meaning

Upside Down Fool Tarot Card Meaning. Turned upside down, tarot cards can have an entirely different meaning from their upright interpretations. Indeed, it announces change, the departure towards the unknown.

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Especially when with new lovers, make sure. It represents all the possibilities offered but not yet realized. The fool upright tarot card key meanings:

What Does The Fool Tarot Card Mean?

The fool tarot card is the first card in the major arcana, it symbolises the very first step on all of life’s journeys. The fool tarot card meaning. Upside down the fool represents being foolish, gambling, instability and wasting creative energy.

With This In Mind, There’s No Surprise That This Card Most Commonly Refers To A New Beginning And Taking The First Step On A Brand New Adventure.

Yet at the same time, it could all come to nothing. Reversed fool tarot card meaning. Often reversed tarot cards deliver good news, or simply strengthen, weaken, or redirect the primary message of the upright card.

The Fool Showing Up Reversed In A Tarot Reading Works As A Warning That Now Is Not The Time For Impulses.

Therefore it does not have a specific place in the sequence of the tarot cards. You must act more responsibly and finish what you have started. It often appears when new opportunities are being blocked due to making bad decisions and following irrational impulses.

The Fool In Reversed Means That You Are Being Gullible To The Point Of Actually Being A Literal Fool.

Having a tarot card definition reversed means that the card's meaning is reversed 180 degrees. The fool is your guide, as someone who is daring and carefree. In a straightforward reading, it tells you to take a risk, to trust the universe.

The Fool Card Is A Potential Card.

Especially when with new lovers, make sure. Some people think a reversed tarot card guarantees bad news, but that's not the case at all. The fool is a card that encourages you to truly find yourself.

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